Active societies which are still fighting for survival of democracy

Democracy is a gift for each citizen of the country. This has been due to the long struggle of the freedom fighters and learned individual before us, due to which a country with nearly all religion, caste, color, sex and even nationality is working together. Democracy is the purest form of the government for any countries around the world. People who live in democracy finds it more comfortable to express their idea, convey their thoughts as well as speak up their mind. This could be not possible in other form of governments.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Democracy however is tried to be bent out and sometime this causes an opportunity for wrong people hands. There are so many cases of violence against certain community which we have heard in past. All this amounts to a good amount of changes in the form of democracy. People spreading hate against certain community also comes under this as such we need society which will fight or spread the awareness among the people about the democratic rule.Foundation for Defense of Democracies is one such society which will help out in the survival for democracy.

Foundation for Defense of Democraciesis an active society in social media platform such as facebook and also conduct talk shows and webinar. These are quite good one and focus on the fundamentals we as a country is facing. All this ensure that someone is there out looking for all this and we should also join them for learning as well as supporting them. There are good talk shows which you can go and watch there and see for yourself the change that they are trying to bring in the society. Follow them on Social media and be active in learning things happening around you.