Advantages & Disadvantages of Home Care

Home care and care in clinical settings are two distinct professional choices. The main difference is in work environment because independence holds the key in home care which is not available in hospital settings. A nurse is always surrounded by a crowd of other patients and to assist other doctors but this doesn’t mean that home care is always a worthful system for all patients. Top home healthcare agencies like Standards Home Health take care of everything but responsibility of physician and patient’s family members can’t be evaded.

Home care in the United States

National Association for Home Care & Hospice updates data of the United States from time to time and it reflects that millions of American citizens, most of them disabled or over the age of 65 years receive home care for rehabilitative purposes. This is a type of care in home settings and in the presence of family members. So, the patient feels more comfortable and pleased which enhances the pace of rehabilitation. If you look for home care and visit site of some reputed care giver agency such as, you’ll find that home care has number of advantages for patient and his or her family members but is still not free from drawbacks.

Pros and cons of home care

One of the major advantages of home care is that it is affordable. It is more convenient because ranges of services you receive in the hospital are made available in your home by the home care agency. In-home quality of care is superior because nursing care is focused on a single patient. There is more comfort and security for a patient in an independent environment. Besides, there is participation from family and friends. However, major disadvantage of home care is that there are limited choices for the agency to use for a patient. For instance, your insurance plan may bind you to hire services from among list of specific agencies that are contracted with insurance company.