Crossword Puzzles of the Traditional Past & Present Internet Technology


Crossword is a disputed word but it is used for crossword puzzle games. This phrase was first written in 1862 in the United States. Crossword was looked as an elementary thing in England in the 19th century and was considered to be game for children books. Crossword became regular feature in the early 20th century when its publication was started in some well-known periodicals. People liked this feature and its publication was extended to other periodicals. This was the beginning of popularity of crossword. In 1924, first book of crossword was published by an American publishing company Simon & Schuster, Inc., a subsidiary of CBS Corporation. Oxford English Dictionary defined first time this word in 1933. Today, crossword is an addiction and many people can be found engaged in solving crossword puzzle.

Methods to solve crossword puzzles

Getting crossword puzzle answers is a tricky exercise because there will hardly any individual who knows all answers. One cannot be too much expert in vocabulary and can have exceptionally great command over language.  People use clues provided, meticulous thinking, tips and tricks, and hit and trial methods to crack the puzzle. The internet is very helpful for crossword solvers because some people take help of online crossword puzzle solver to get correct answers. The answers may sometimes be confusing because there are more than one words for a specific crossword question. People who participate in crossword quizzes are even not aware of all answers and they use certain strategies to find crossword quiz answers.

Internet-based crossword puzzles

The scenario of crossword puzzle games has changed over years. In the era of internet technology, you don’t need to wait for arrival of periodical because crossword can be solved online. For instance, Motherboard has released brand new internet-themed weekly mini crossword puzzle. You can use internet-based technology to have access to new crossword puzzles any time of the day.