Electronic Travel Authority for Staying a Short Period in Australia



Visas are always necessary when it comes to visiting a foreign country. But there are exemptions, and other policies also involved when it comes to applying for a visa. Same goes for people who are trying to visit Australia for a short duration of time. Some countries’ citizens can apply for Electronic travel Authority which enables their stay in Australia for three months or less.

This is the best way to travel to Australia if the person intends to stay there for a short period. It is something which is essential for a person who falls under the visa exempt category.

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What is Electronic Travel Authority?

ETA or Electronic Travel Authority is a pass required by foreign nationals who don’t have to get a visa while travelling to Australia. Applying ETA is easy and can be applied anytime. As soon as a person plans on going to Australia, he or she should apply for Australia eta. It should be done quickly because one needs this approval before entering the country.

Travelling for Three Months or Less

First of all, people who hold passport of countries like Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, etc. needs ETA. After the approval of an ETA, a person can travel to Australia and stay there for three months. ETA is only required when a person holds no other Australian visa. Once the requirements are met, the approval of the ETA will be electronically connected to the passport.

Applying for ETA

Applying for ETA is a simple process. All a person needs to apply is an email address, passport and a credit card. An individual can go online and apply for it. To apply have all these things ready and follow the steps of applying process. This works as a short-term visa australia.

Before applying a person should read all the terms and see which category they fall and proceed from there.