How to Build a Blog and Host It Avoiding common Pitfalls!

In the last one or two decades, the number of blog readers increased significantly. Be it of any genre, blogs are attracting the spotlight. However, you should know about building blogs in details if you are looking to have the ideal outcome. Knowing how to build a blog opens new earning paths if it is done properly.

best hosting for WordPress blog

Infrastructure of a blog is essential. So, make sure to go through the below points very carefully.

Building a remarkable blog

When building a blog an individual should avoid setting up a blog on Blogger, Wix, etc. The reasons for this are below:

  • Choosing the blogging platform is vital as free sites may be tempting but might shut down without any prior notice or start displaying ads on one’s blog which are irrelevant. Moreover, platforms which are ad-free such as Medium, keeps changing. Some changes which occur might not be beneficial altogether.
  • Google tracks authority as well as helpfulness on an entire website by crawling through every link on one’s domain. Hence, even if a person’s blog is highly successful, having a link like won’t create any authority for your site.
  • Also, choosing free domains restricts the number of features available for people. Ergo, when an individual’s blog shines, it might occur that due to limited mobility, one might miss valuable opportunities.

Hosting blogs

Setting up a blog is not enough. One need to know about hosting is properly. Most professionals advise on using WP Engine as it is considered by many to be the best hosting for WordPress blog.

WP Engine sets up WordPress automatically and aids in keeping it secure. Its support is unrivalled as it supports WordPress software and the hosting environment. Also, Cloudflare helps in loading blogs faster.

One can do various research to understand WP Engine Cloudflare how to in detail. So, now that you know all these, make sure you choose the correct platform for your blog and build it accordingly.