Keep Your Plans Perfect

Good news for the people, who are planning to apply for Visa Australia. In case you do not have valid visa, you simply can fill the application online and get your passport attached to the visa electronically. The only mandatory requirement is, that you need to have a valid passport. Otherwise your visa is cancelled automatically, when your passport gets expired. In that case, you need to apply for Australia Visa again and you will be charged the same amount for the application of the can apply on www eta immi gov au.

In addition to which, you also have to bear the cost twice for application of the same. There is no consideration or leverage for the same. There are not huge rules and regulations for the applications. The only mandatory details required online are; your name, email address and the credit card.


So that you can be charged on the electronic travel authority by the credit card service. For the amount, which is charged for the application of the visa. You can use any credit card for paying of the application charges, with the authority of the card holder.

However, you cannot treat it as a guarantee of entry to Australia. Since the discretionary powers lies with the airport authorities, the people who can approve or reject your travel at the last hour as well. Since the powers lie in the control of authorities, you need to get approval from them. It is always advisable to apply for the ETA visa in advance, as soon as you finalize your travel to Australia. So that you do not have to waste any time while waiting for its processing. Also the visa validity is for one year time, which you should keep in mind. So that you do not have to face any kind of trouble, later on.