Sunday September 17 2006

John Mackenzie and Sandra Timmer-Arends win Sunday’s KOM.

    Historic records don’t allow us to confirm how many KOM there have been. We do know the club was formed in 1968 and the first recorded winner was Paul O’Hare in 1972. It is truly another one of our club icon events. Sandra Timmer-Arends took her winning tally to 9 wins and it was great to see 6 other females tackle this challenging event. John Mackenzie made it 3 wins from past winners Daniel Smith and Darrel Cross. It is an event that really shows the mental toughness of some of our club members and they all should be saluted for just finishing. It is a lot easier to blow up and DNF the KOM than a Marathon. I remember my second attempt at this race I was 5km from the finish when Shannon Salisbury pulled along side and asked me how I was going. Before she had a chance to drive on I had dived into the back seat and begged her to drive me to the top. It took along time to get over those scars even though I fronted up to the Melbourne Marathon three weeks later and ran well I was faced with another DNF the very next year in this event. This time there was no pulling out I walked and scrambled to the top. I know how easy this event can destroy you so let’s salute all our club finishers. Darrel Cross having not really trained for his event did well to finish in third place. Shane Pettingill a first timer with a run under 2:15 is exceptional. Richard Comber is in great form and hasn’t a great love for mountains but ran 21 minutes faster than last year. Bruce Salisbury knows as well as I do how easy this mountain can beat you. Stuck at the task well and could be in for a good four peaks this year. Kain Jackson had a great run leading into Melbourne Marathon and should be happy with his first attempt at the KOM. Ian Duncan completed his first KOM leading up to his first Marathon should have no fear of the Marathon after completing this event. Ian Heafield what a warrior I have never known Ian not to run this race and I have never known him not to finish. They should put a statue of him on top of the mountain. John Jervis at 68 he had a great run running 16 minutes faster than last year. Donna Marino continues to impress with her natural endurance and conquered the mountain with no problems with her first attempt. Paula Lucas continues to get better with every challenge and knocked 9 minutes of her last years time which was her first attempt. Jenny Pruscino is another natural endurance athlete who loves the long challenging runs. Ros Matheson certainly would not have done a lot of training leading into this race and did well to finish. Brian Glover always imprecise especially when you consider he walked all the way and still did well under 4 hours. For those who stayed in bed you missed a great ace with a great view for all the finishers.
Here is Bruce’s report with the times.
      Another KOM has been run adding to the clubs history of not only staging races but catering to the runners who attend and giving them good service. This can only happen because the club has people who are willing to give of their time to make it happen. The club thanks these people and appreciate their contribution to the running of these events, for as we know it doesn't matter how many runners turn up to run if their is nobody to do the hard work of organising, giving out drinks, timing and recording it is just a group of people going for a jog. Jason organised good weather for the day and things went smoothly. Having the presentations on top of the mountain was pure genius as it cut a couple of hours off the time people were required to wait around and cleaning up was much easier and quicker. Well done Jason!  

Results::::::: John McKenzie 1.58.34, Daniel Smith 2.08.57,  Darrel Cross 2.11.57, Shane Pettingill 2.14.57,  Ian Twite 2:28:00,  Richard Comber 2.28.12,
Sandra Timmer-Arends 2.31.34, Simon Utan 2.39.26, Bruce Salisbury 2.45.43
Kane Jackson 2.45.43, Ian Duncan 2.51.24, Anita Swanbauer 3.03.08,
David Spencer 3.03.10, Ron Purcell 3.10.56, Ian Heafield 3.12.56, John Jervis 3.23.14,  
Donna Marino 3.30.30, Paula Lucas 3.30.38, Jenny Pruscino 3.31.39,
Ros Mathieson 3.35.16, Brian Glover 3.45.03.
As usual if your time is wrong or name spelt incorrectly tell someone who cares or perhaps Jason might listen, but he didn’t write this.
Text Box:
Sandra Timmer-Arends on her way to her 9th Queen of the Mountain title. There are 140 pictures of Sundays KOM on the web site thanks to Rodney Le Lievre.
Trophy winners:

King of the Mountain: John MacKenzie:
Queen of the Mountain: Sandra Timmer-Arends.
1st Open Male John Mackenzie, 2nd Open Male Daniel Smith,
3rd Open Male Shane Pettingill.
1st Vet Male Darrel Cross, 2nd Vet Male Richard Comber,
3rd Vet Male Bruce Salisbury.
1st Open Female Anita Swanbauer, 2nd Open Female Donna Marino,
3rd Open Female Paula Lucas.
1st Vet Female Sandra Timmer-Arends,
2nd Vet Female Jen Pruscino.

run kom

run kom


See Gallery for all the pics

Race History:

Male: 1969-, 1970-, 1971-, 1972- Paul O’Hare 1:48:00,
1973-, 1974- Martin Thompson 2:09:00, 1975-,
1976- Geoff Duffell 2:10:00, 1977-, 1978-, 1979-,
1980- Glen Ford 2:03:50, 1981- Keith Tomholt 2:01:02,
1982- Bruce Inglis 2:03:30, 1983-, 1984- David Laws 1:55:48,
1985- D. Campbell 1:56:32, 1986- Rob Gilfilan 1:53:03,
1987- Rob Gilfilan 1:58:57, 1988-, 1989-,
1990- Dave Collins 1:51:58, 1991- Ian Cornthwaite 1:49:38,
1992- Dave Collins 1:50:59, 1993- Morgan Tucker 2:00:17,
1994- Bruce Salisbury 2:01:42, 1995- John Duck 1:57:06,
1996- Nenet Susa 1:58:11, 1997- Darell Cross 2:01:48,
1998- Ian Twite 2:05:23, 1999- Darell Cross 2:03:12,
2000- John MacKenzie 1:57:14, 2001-John MacKenzie 1:55:03,
2002- Steve Quirk 2:05:46, 2003- Tim Cochrane 2:05:32, 2004- Tim Cochrane 1:54:36
Female: 1969-, 1970-, 1971-, 1972-, 1973-, 1974-, 1975,
1976-, 1977-, 1978-, 1979-, 1980- Gaye Thompson 4:28:00,
1981-, 1982-, 1983-, 1984- Georgann Peterson 2:20:37,
1985- Heather Batza 2:32:19, 1986- Linda Thompson 2:14:02,
1987- Anne Wilson 2:34:34, 1988-, 1989-,
1990- Anne Wilson 2:40:44, 1991- Robin Nielson 2:29:56,
1992-, 1993-, 1994- Sandra Potochi 2:18:41,
1995- Sandra Timmer-Arends 2:04:02, 1996- Sandra Timmer-Arends 2:22:42, 1997- Birgit Schkmann 2:23:00, 1998- Kylie Fox , 1999-,
2000- Sandra Timmer-Arends 2:27:19, 2001- Jackie MacKenzie 2:56:16,
2002- Julia Thorn 2:50:52, 2003- Sandra Timmer-Arends 2:31:21, 2004- Sandra Timmer-Arends 2:25:29.

Note: The race was first run starting from the Traralgon P.O. in 1969 until 1987. After then it was shifted to the new course which is a little shorter starting opposite the Harriers old clubrooms. A lot of the race history is incomplete so any contribution updating it will be appreciated.




























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