Sandra wins historic 7th Traralgon Marathon while John runs close to P/B to win 4th.
Another history making Traralgon Marathon was held on the weekend in perfect weather conditions. Before going into race detail we must thank the people who made the race possible. First of all race director Richard Comber and his wife Jenny Comber for all the organising they put into the event. The other touching moment for me was admiring the large number of Traralgon Harrier Members and associates of harriers who were out in force to help.
There are too many to list or remember but the only way an event like this can run so smoothly and successful is to a have a large number of helpers and the Traralgon Harriers we able to do it again. Thank you all.
A special mention must go to Jenny Prucsino and Marissa Schill who’s fund raising efforts to provide quality spot prizes is outstanding.
John MacKenzie wins 4th Traralgon Marathon title. In perfect weather conditions birthday boy John soon had daylight then kilometres between him and the rest of the field. It was only a matter of how hard he could push himself on his own. His effort to get so close to his P/B was outstanding. The battle for second was close with Simon Trusler passing Shane Pettingill close to the finish. Shane ran a P/B and picked up the Silver medal for the Victorian Country Marathon Championship behind John who won the Gold medal for this title.
The female race was a little closer although Sandra was never really challenged. Sandra’s protégé Jenny Northe ran an outstanding race and closed the gap near the finish to run a 20 minute P/B. It was a great effort by Sandra to win her 7th Traralgon Marathon and equally good coaching effort to have Jenny run so well. Sandra won the Gold medal for the Victorian Country Marathon Championship; no other females were eligible for medals. The only other two harriers to compete were Barry Higgins who on his 71st birthday ran an outstanding race and should be an inspiration to everybody.
Ken Lancaster was the other harrier and continues to impress with his determination and reliability at completing Marathons. Brian Glover completed his 10th Traralgon Marathon while Warragul’s Ian Newnham his 23rd Traralgon Marathon. A special mention to Lachlan Fraser who lost everything in the Black Saturday fires including all his medals. The club was able to provide him with a replacement medal from last year. Also Peter Gray always turns up and has a go. The other birthday boy Bruce Salisbury did a great job with the drink stations and helping out but I think deep down he would like to have another crack at a Marathon.
2009 MARATHON RESULTS John MacKenzie 2.34.25, Simon Trusler 3.03.46, Shane Pettingill 3.06.27, Chris McTaggart 3.09.50, Steve Preece 3.13.29, David Elliott 3.15.13, Lester Smith 3.16.54, Graham Angliss 3.18.50, Sandra Timmer-Arends 3.22.01, Max Carson 3.25.22, Jenny Northe 3.25.24, Lachlan Fraser 3.26.42, Richard McCormick 3.29.07, Warren Clarke 3.34.49, Peter Alexander 3.35.17, Geoff Dart 3.36.06, Ngoh Ngoh Nestor 3.36.40, Robert Bryce 3.41.37, Murray McCallum 3.44.36, Adam Ilton 3.46.43, Andrew Peters 3.53.09, Julia Thorn 4.04.15, Brendon McCarthy 4.04.44, Chris Mulherin 4.05.27, Barry Higgins 4.07.37, Ching –Te Huang 4.11.45, Peder Haugen 4.15.49, Ken Lancaster 4.16.25, Stuart Harper 4.16.38, Bill Wiglesworth 4.18.33, Charles Harcoan 4.24.45, Lin Chaojen 4.31.00, Bryn Jones 4.44.59, Ian Newnham 4.47.33, Andrew Mulherin 4.53.10, Brian Glover 5.10.21, Peter Gray 6.17.42, Luke Madden DNF, Melissa Robins DNF
In the Half Marathon Melbourne’s Hamish Beaumont won in 1:13:54 while Traralgon Harrier Lynda McRae won the females in 1:23:59. There were many outstanding performances with many P/B’s by harriers. Nick Schilling and Peter Evans had a great battle for 2nd and 3rd with both running P/B’s to fill the minor placing’s. Ian Corthnwaite won the 40-49 age group to finish 4th while Bert Pelgrim won the 50-59 age group finishing 5th. Ben Bailey also ran a big P/B in his second Half Marathon. Kylie Murray finished 4th female while Anna Orr finished 5th female in a new P/B.
2009 HALF MARATHON RESULTS Hamish Beaumont 1.13.54, Nick Schilling 1.14.38, Peter Evans 1.14.48, Ian Cornthwaite 1.17.51, Bert Pelgrim 1.18.05, Darrel Cross 1.19.46, Sean Young 1.21.34, Garry Nooy 1.22.32, Daniel Sinclair 1.23.04, Matt Irons 1.23.11, Lynda McRae 1.23.59, Joe Makowski 1.25.21, Brett Van Der Veldon 1.26.35, Christopher Blyth 1.27.33, Kingsley Pursch 1.27.35, Dan Robertson 1.27.38, Neil Griffiths 1.28.16, Matthew McGrail 1.28.36, David Cornish 1.28.42, Stephen McLeod, 1.28.46, Julie Norney 1.28.55, Ben Bailey 1.29.29, Kate Scarlett 1.29.37, Russell Glazebrook 1.29.57, Kylie Murray 1.31.01, Doug Stenhouse 1.31.47, Andrew Zotti 1.32.30, Kevin May 1.33.21, David Gray 1.33.42, Ian Dart 1.34.29, Cliff Colo 1.35.32, Adam Wight 1.35.34, Ian McDonald 1.35.39, Peter Deguara 1.35.44, Mario Marino 1.36.57, Daniel Hahn 1.37.37, Kim Aldred 1.38.42, Terry O’Neill 1.39.29, Patrick Bezzina 1.39.46, Lance Thomas 1.39.50, Damian Williamson 1.39.50, Anna Orr 1.40.05, Richard Lone 1.41.23, Warren Dick 1.42.33, Sue Elsdon 1.42.42, Karen Graham 1.42.47, Matthew Currie 1.43.27, Mark McInnes 1.44.01, Craig Purry 1.44.14, Martin Tullett 1.45.15, Nadine Jorgensen 1.45.20, Rod Mapelson 1.45.38, Brent Lawson 1.46.05, Adrian Harper 1.48.30, Laurie Wheller 1.52.97, Elaine Coetzee 1.53.58, Danielle Yeoman 1.56.25, John Jervis 1.58.24, Ian Heafield 1.58.34, Kristine Sapkin 2.03.13, Gail McGrath 2.03.14, Natasha Gauld 2.04.05, Bruce Ohlenrott 2.07.45, Jacqui Bommert 2.10.52, Debra Robb 2.11.09, Ros Matheson 2.11.05, Leah Maslen 2.04.52, Melissa Urie 2.15.37, Leanne Cameron 2.17.35, Rebecca Lynch, 2.27.19, Jack Salter 2.31.55, Jacqueline Fisher 2.31.52, Sonia O’Keefe 2.31.52, Karyn O’Neill 2.38.56
In the Quarter Marathon event 17 year old Traralgon Harrier Jesse La Greca won in 37:26. In the females Traralgon Harrier and Australian Orienteering team member Kathryn Ewels won in 40:51. The quarter continues to grow in popularity and it was good to see so may harriers and Monash students all get out and having fun in this event.
2009 QUARTER MARATHON RESULTS Jesse La Greca 37.26, Morgan Tucker 40.45, Kathryn Ewels 40.51, Dale Murphy 41.36, June Petrie 42.17, Sam Frankland 43.06, Bruce Rattenbury 43.12, Dominic Keating 43.23, Tim Anagnostou 43.54, Marc Bain 43.58, Jason Mulvogue 45.43, Ian Twite 45.53, Deb Piercy 45.59, Vaughan Higgins 46.01, Alan Beveridge 46.27, Leanne Keating 47.30, Gary Cross 47.36, Russell Northe 47.39, Bianca Craddock 47.47, Travis McInnes 47.54, Ginelle Baillache 47.57, Mick Beeck 48.24, Geoff Luckins 48.38, Kim Essex 49.02, Eran Schilling 49.08, Liz Kenney 49.36, Rachel Howard 49.59, Simon Quail 50.01, Terry Stokes 50.10, Steve Nicholls 50.11, Ian Duncan 50.26, Penny La Greca 50.31, Ian Rouget 50.39, Geoff Thomas 50.40, Rob Stevenson 50.41, Matthew Palm 50.52, Leigh Pacunskis 51.00, Marco Tripodi 51.16, David Young 52.04, Lisa Pursch 52.26, Carmel Quirk 53.38, Stephen White 53.48, Caroline Benson 54.06, Emma Haylock 54.50, Samantha Schulz 55.10, Jemuel Fu 55.27, Marion Tripp 55.38, Liza Pharaoh 55.47, Richard Price 55.53, Paul Sokolowski 56.03, Karen Dawson 56.06, John Scarlett 56.41, Tennille Ellis 56.42, Ian Quail 56.45, Jancey Crilly 57.24, Glynn Taylor 57.56, Mark Little 58.28, Anne Johnson 58.39, Robert Johnson 58.39, Wendy Stanway 58.42, Fay Tomholt 58.59, Belinda Gibson 59.38, Noel Fenn 1.00.04, Sarah Visser 1.00.24, Kylie O’Donnell 1.00.35, Tina MacKenzie 1.00.53, Karen Pettifer 1.01.05, Francis Cotterell 1.01.05, Anita Paulett 1.01.37, Giuseppe Marino 1.02.36, Kasey Vandermeer 1.05.48, Clare Young 1.06.26, Josie Ibrahim 1.06.28, Peta Simotas 1.06.38, Najib Ahmed 1.17.18, Angela Higgins 1.17.18, Corey Jacobson1.31.23, Samantha Fryer 1.35.15, Shane Stevens 1.35.15, Barbie Bednarski 1.42.49, Sarah Vella 1.48.07, Jessica Lawrence 1.48.07, Julia Auciello 1.48.10:

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