Harriers commemorate Geoff “Swaggy” Wilson at Tyers

Once again we were blessed with perfect conditions for the running of the Swaggy Wilson Memorial Run, proving how well liked Geoff was as even God sees fit to smile on his event. With 22 runners in the 12K Championship and 7 runners in the 6K support event it was a reasonable turn out. Once again Ann Wilson was on hand to present the winners with the perpetual shield and remember the days when she would have been amongst the leading females. The event had a change of course this year due to the recent heavy rain making the previous course unrunable. I am lead to believe it was quite challenging with a few hills and a bit of slippery mud to contend with. I can attest to the slippery bit as I had a bit of trouble keeping the car pointed in the right direction, even though I was going slow, when I drove through that section. The only grumble I heard about was from someone who thought we should have taken an easier option but we won't mention his name Darrel. Hard as it was going out it was quick on the way home and everyone should have negative split, except for John whom missed the turn because I had gone to do something and he ended up seeing more of the country than he wanted to and to whom I apologise for my error.
Results 6K support:: 1/ A Legge 31.44, 2/ A Timmer-Arends 34.13, 3/ 1F D Van Rhine 40.06, 4/ Murray Brady 40.38, 5/ 2F M Lane 46.38, 6/ 3F A Harkin 47.01, 7/ 4F M Sawyer 47.01.
12K Championship:: 1/ OM R Wissmer 44.04, 2/ OM N Schilling 48.44, 3/ OM G Semmler 51.26, 4/ 1VM D Cross 52.27, 5/ 4OM B Bailey 53.09, 6/ 1FV L McRae 53.25, 7/ 2VM D Griffiths 55.08, 8/ 1JM I Van Rhine 55.11, 9/ 3VM B Silvestro 56.16, 10/ 4VM S McLeod 57.28, 11/ 5VM I Twite 59.07, 12/ 5OM M Rossiter 59.20, 13/ 6VM M Van Der Muelen 1.00.47, 14/ 6OM B Harkin 1.01.10, 15/ 1FO A Orr 1.01.35, 16/ 7OM S White 1.04.41, 17/ 7VM T Preston 1.05.26, 18/ 2FV L Kenny 1.09.54, 19/ =3FV S Timmer-Arends 1.11.10,
20/ =3FV J Northe 1.11.10, 21/ 8VM J Jervis 1.22.37,
22/ 4FV P Pettingill 1.26.23.




















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