The Trending Abaya Style and Designs for 2018 to Watch Out For

There is a huge misconception that abayas are conventional wardrobe staples, and they do now offer any fresh opportunities to style-conscious women. Today, the renowned designers are outlining the most gorgeous and classy abayas, in a range of styles, designs, and hues that generate more scope for the women to look absolutely amazing! The principle shade of abayas once was black, but with time, the world of abayas has changed, and opening up new gates for the women who wear them on a regular basis.

Today, from the pattern to the hues and even the fabrics are altered with new style elements and a wide range of polished folds are being added to them.

Here are few abaya trends to look out for this year.

The reversible woollen abaya

If you are looking for a new and efficient design for abaya from a good abaya online shopping destination, you can always lay your hands on the reversible woollen abayas. This is a two in one design and aims to keep a woman warm and also add grace to her persona. Try out different color shades, from traditional blacks to soothing pastels.


Are you a sports freak or a fitness junkie? Well, there is a good new out there for you then! Now you can live all your sporty moments by wearing the sporty abayas which are anything but conventional. You can run, walk and stretch in them as they are made of high-quality moisture-wicking fabrics that guarantee complete freedom of body movement with ultimate comfort.

The intricately woven and detailed abayas

If you want to stand out in the crowd at a party or some social event, you should go for the woven detailed abayas.  The popular abaya UK online stores have brought forward these classy abayas that aim to add a dash of instant glam to your look, and should be in your closet. Look for metallic finishes!

Apart from these, you can also go for embellished, drape style and embroidered abayas for more options!