Tips and Tricks on Acing Crossword Puzzles

If you want to become a good crossword puzzle solver, you don’t necessarily have to know all the answers. You can be one if you simply keep a few tips and tricks in mind. These tricks are extremely helpful in improving your puzzle solving skills.  Whether you are an amateur or someone who has been solving these puzzles for long, these tips can be helpful.

Fill in the blank

The easiest clues to solve in most puzzles are the fill in the blank clues. In a list of clues, you can spot these easily. So, it is advisable that you go through these first. When you get answers to a couple of these clues, you get a good starting point for the puzzle.

crossword puzzle answers

Consider the theme

If a crossword puzzle has a title, it is indicative of the puzzle’s theme. Generally, the theme is relatable to just a few of the clues. The answers to those clues are usually longer. So, you should keep that in mind while finding crossword quiz answers.

Experiment away

Crossword puzzles can be a fun activity. So, you should never be afraid to experiment. You might know the answer to a question, but probably aren’t sure. You may even be just guessing the answer to a question. Either way, there is no harm in experimenting with the answers.

You can fill in your guessed answers with a pencil and see if they make any sense in the puzzle. You never know, your guess might just be correct and could help you in solving other clues.  Simply placing certain letters in the puzzle can give you a hint on the clues.

At the end, if some clues still stump you, it is better that you look for crossword puzzle answers online. Finding the answers can help you with the puzzles you solve in future.