Walhalla Wound-Up 2010:

Walhalla Wound up on a new date with new worries but the same faithful crew to make sure all was well and that I didn't implode. I thank Richard Comber for carrying a chainsaw and dragging 75 kilos of useless fat for 7k to clear fallen trees enough so that the runners could at least get past them. Ben Bailey for his assistance on the Saturday marking up and dragging the drinks up to the top of the hill for the first drink station. Carol and Barry Summersgill for their assistance at the start area and the drink station at Thompson River and at the finish. Shannon Bailey for the timing and all the other stuff at the finish line. Margaret Salisbury for all the effort and work she put in not only on the day but the weeks leading up to the event. Jemma and Hunter Bailey for allowing me into their world and keeping the shadows at bay and allowing me to sing, dance and be the wicked witch in Walhallas Rotunda as they waited for the boring day to end.
Again I am humbled that these people give up their day to assist me to make your day enjoyable. I was worried because there seemed so few people but then the numbers increased which made me much happier. I think it was the second largest field we have had in the 50k, though the 19k was a little down. The locals cleaned up in this event with our own Peter Evans and Kylie Murray making it two in a row and Harriers featuring strongly in the placings as well.
In the 37k Nick Schilling took out the honours making him the 4th winner of this event with Robyn Fletcher winning for the 5th time in 7 starts.
In the 50k the winning male came all the way from Tasmania just to run this event (how do you feel now "It starts too early and it's a long drive" local person) while the winning female came from the burbs of Melbourne. The majority of runners were from out of the area with a few returning to what I believe is a beautiful place to run or visit. One person had dragged his wife and children along and roughed it in two twoman tents in the Walhalla camping ground and others had booked accommodation in Walhalla and Rawson just for the event and I believe that they all enjoyed their day. The sad news is that next year the 19 and 37 may well be given the flick as we look at a different format. So once again the gods smiled on us and gave us some perfect weather for running marred only by the few small puddles on the 37 course (ask JJ) and the absence of trees on part of the 50 course. There were some happy runners who ran good times and some runners who ran but most of all there were plenty of good happy runners whom I hope will return to run the Walhalla Wound up. Race Director Bruce Salisbury.  

Traralgon Harriers Walhalla Wound-up Sunday 12 September 2010 (media report):

Tasmanian ultra-marathon runner Allan Hood was outright winner of last Sunday’s 50 km Walhalla Wound-up trail race, finishing in 4 hours 10 minutes, 15 minutes ahead of second placed Toby Wiadrowski of Mount Evelyn. After 50 km of slippery rain soaked tracks and steep climbs Joshua Street finished only one minute behind Wiadrowski to claim third place.
Pitted against a strong field of endurance runners from across Victoria Hood flew across Bass Strait from his hometown Hobart to win at his first attempt. Katherine MacMillan of Park Orchards won the women’s section ahead of Michelle Donnelly, the first woman veteran home.
Traralgon runner Nick Schilling broke the three-hour barrier to win the 37 km event in horrific muddy conditions, ahead of Melbourne siblings Stuart and Craig Elliott who ran, and finished, together. Robyn Fletcher, also from the city, won the women’s section for the fifth time in seven starts, with local Madelon Lane the first woman veteran.
Toongabbie’s Peter Evans was first outright in the 19 km race, ahead of Kylie Murray, closely followed by Nick Macreadie and David Griffiths who crossed the line together two minutes behind Murray.
Murray was outstanding, with her outright second over the 19 kilometres course winning her the women’s division for the second successive year. Kate Scarlett was next placed woman - outpacing her father John – ahead of Tyers resident Sue Elsdon and this year’s Traralgon marathon winner Jenny Northe.
The 50 km runner-up Toby Wiadrowski, who’s training partner and younger brother Jordan was fourth in the 37 km event, said they enjoyed running through the delightful mountain country around Walhalla.
“The track-marking was excellent, and the facilities provided were very supportive,” he said. The three events began and finished in front of Walhalla’s Star Hotel, with hotel owner Michael Leaney firing the pistol for the joint start.
Race director Bruce Salisbury expressed the Traralgon Harriers thanks to Mr Leaney for strongly supporting the Walhalla Wound-up over its nine years. Barry Higgins:

Walhalla Snippets:

Outstanding performances: Apart from the performances of Peter, Kylie and Nick there were many other winners on the day and their deeds need to be highlighted.
Ken Lancaster: I passed Ken at the 27km mark and he looked in a bad way. To have continued on and finished this race must have taking a lot of courage and determination.
David Styles: David completed his 8th Walhalla 50km only missing out on one. Kevin Cassidy: A legend of Ultra Marathons Kevin hasn’t run one since completing his 6th Walhalla 50km in 2007. He actually has only started getting back into running recently. He entered the 19km but at the 12km drink station decided to press on and do the 37km. At the top of the hill he decided dame it went pass the 37km turn around and completed his 7th Walhalla 50km run.
Rob Embelton: A club legend at Ultra marathon running with a chequered career. Rob hasn’t run much lately but was making a come back at Walhalla where he has completed 5 Walhalla 50km events. Unfortunately rolled his ankle and couldn’t continue after 12km hopefully he will be back again.
Brian Glover: A legend of 110 pure Marathons all walked, he completed his 8th Walhalla 50km.
Sue Elsdon: Took a tumble in the 19km event and badly gashed her knee. This didn’t stop her continuing and running a great race.
Alisha Twite: Coming back after her second knee reconstruction she hadn’t ran more than 5km since starting back. She remembered the 19km as being a fantastic experience and was determined to complete it. Did well to do it all by herself in under 3 hours.
Madelone Lane: What a tough trooper she is turning out to be. GOR Half Marathon, Traralgon Marathon, Prom Country Challenge and now the 37km at Walhalla:
Memorable Moments: Running the first 12km with Shane chatting all the way encouraging all the other runners and yelling abuse at Des when we got the chance. The 12km drink station is always a great place for a chat and to catch up with Barry and Carol Summersgill. They have been doing this job for years and Barry is always good with the gab. The 33km drink station where that champion of helpers Margaret Salisbury has positioned her self for the last 9 years to make sure all the runners go the right way and is always ready to hand out food and drink to often dazed and disorientated runners. It is always great to make it to here and catch up with Margaret. Playing Chicken with a Bus wasn’t a great way to finish a 50km run but I survived.

Walhalla Wound up Results 2010:

19 Km.
1/ Peter Evans 1.20.51 1st VM 1st outright, 2/ Kylie Murray 1.27.40 1st OF 1st outright Female, 3/ Nick Macreadie 1.29.34 1st OM, 4/ David Griffiths 1.29.34 2nd VM, 5/ Stephen McLeod 1.33.06 2nd OM, 6/ Richard Comber 1.38,17 3rd VM, 7/ Matt Irons 1.39.10 3rd OM,8/ Brett Kennedy 1.40.07, 9/ Kate Scarlett 1.42.15 2nd OF, 10/ Sue Elston 1.44.38 1st VF, 11/ Jenny North 1.45.04 2nd VF, 12/ Jason Mulvogue 1.45.04, 13/ Jenny Mitchell 1.45.08 3rd VF, 14/ Des Paynter 1.45.30, 15/ Ben Bailey 1.45.30, 16/ Allen Timmer-Arends 1.45.41, 17/ Kellie Shandley 1.52.43 3rd OF, 18/ Fraser Faithfull 1.54.57, 19/ Mark Peek 1.59.07, 20/ John Scarlett 2.02.55, 21/ Janita Keating 2.07.51, 22/ Alisha Twite 2.58.12.   37Km
1/ Nick Schilling 2.56.15 1st OM, 2/ Stuart Elliot 3.17.25 2nd OM, 3/ Craig Elliott 3.17.25 1st VM, 4/ Jordan Wiadrowski 3.33.07 3rd OM, 5/ Robyn Fletcher 3.35.53 1st OF, 6/ Craig George 3.55.40 7/ John Jervis 4.41.37 2nd VM, 8/ Madelon Lane 4.50.55 1st VF:   50Km.
1/ Allan Hood 4.10.36 1st Outright 1st VM, 2/ Toby Waidrowski 4.26.51 1st OM, 3/ Josh Street 4.28.04 2nd OM, 4/ Ian Twite 4.33.21 2nd VM, 5/ Peter Bignell 4.42.13 3rd VM, 6/ Shane Pettingill 4.44.21, 7/ Myles Bouvier-Baird 4.54.22 3rd OM, 8/ Peter Mulins 4.55.18, 9/ Kathrine MacMillan 5.02.01 1st OF, 10/ Rob Sutton 5.02.11, 11/ Scott Mitchell 5.13.01, 12/ Toby McKinnon 5.31.23 13/ Kevin Cassidy 5.39.53 14/ Robert Boyce 5.43.34, 15/ Dave Styles 5.44.24, 16/ David Hughes 5.55.02, 17/ Michelle Donnelly 6.15.37 1st VF 18/ Mark Falls 6.15.38 19/ Barry Higgins 6.17.01 20/ Brian Glover 6.51.33, 21/ Ken Lancaster  6.52.50. 22/ Rob Embleton Retired Injured. 

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