What Are the Types of Clues You Can Use to Solve Crossword Puzzle?

Clues are the heart of crossword puzzles. Without them, you can’t solve any puzzles. They help in finding crossword puzzle answers. Whether you are solving a cryptic crossword or a cipher one, you have to use clues for that. Now, sometimes, the clues themselves are tricky puzzles. You need to solve them to find out the hidden actual clue that will help you to get crossword quiz answers. For many people, solving crossword puzzle is the favourite pastime. They become so professional in it that they can crack any such puzzles within moments. The satisfaction you get from solving an entire grid is really great. Today, you will know about certain types of clues that will help you to solve a crossword puzzle.

  1. Simple Clues

These are the easy clues that make it simple to find out the appropriate words. Often you are given the synonym of a word and you need to find the right word that will match in the grid. They are not very interesting, but for the beginners these are good.

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  1. Double Clues

They are quite complicated than the simple ones. In this type of clues, there are two ideas hidden which bring out the actual words. These are interesting a lot.

  1. Cryptic Clues

These are tricky but give chance to exercise your brain. These clues talk in double meaning and you have to crack them. They can be very complicated and once you are focussed in them, you get more satisfaction of solving them.

Apart from these types of clues, there are anagrams, hidden words, and sound clues etc. which help you to solve different types of puzzles.

Crossword puzzle help to grow your brain skill helps to make you focussed and strengthen your mental power.